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Data protection

Your personal details are used by us solely for internal purposes. We do not pass on addresses to other organisations. We completely fulfill the legal requirements for data protection. Your personal information is treated confidentially and used exclusively for internal purposes. BioVision manages its own database and does not pass on information to third parties. For more detailed information please visit Biovision’s data protection on the Biovision website.

Terms of Use 

Biovision aims to contribute to international public goods. To ensure wide dissemination of the information on the Agroecology Info PoolBiovision is committed to making its content freely available and encourages the use, reproduction and dissemination of the text, multimedia, data and other materials developed by Biovision, provided that: 

    • you attribute the work and any identified source, 
    • your use is for non-commercial, research, educational or personal purposes, and 
    • you, in turn, license such materials under the same conditions. 

Should you wish to deviate from these conditions, please contact Biovision in order to seek prior authorization. 

Third-party content  Biovision does not necessarily own each component of the content contained within the Agroecology Info Pool. Biovision therefore does not warrant that the use of any third party-owned individual component or part contained in the Agroecology Info Pool will not infringe on the rights of those third parties. If you wish to re-use a component of the work, it is your responsibility to determine whether permission is needed for that re-use and to obtain permission from the copyright owner. Examples of components can include, but are not limited to, tables, figures, or images. Biovision takes no responsibility for the content of external Internet Sites. 

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