Burkina Faso: CNABio exchanges with stakeholders on the challenges of agroecology

© Modeste Bationo, CEAS

On 29-30 July 2021, the National Council for Organic Agriculture (CNABio) of Burkina Faso, in partnership with the Permanent Secretariat for the Coordination of Agricultural Sector Policies, held a session with the aim to bring together the actors of the inter-ministerial technical team for the drafting of the national rural sector programme (PNSR) and to discuss issues related to the production and consumption of agricultural products.

During the two day work-shop, the organisers present the main stakes of agroecology, its definition, and above all its importance for Burkina. “Currently, our agriculture suffers from soil degradation, lower yields, pest pressure and many health problems. The aim is to equip the technical team developing the PNSR 3 to take into account issues related to agro-ecology so that it is a production technique that is best disseminated in Burkina” explained Arsène Sawadogo, deputy secretary general of CNABio, in his speech at the opening ceremony.

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