Transdisciplinary Learning Formats in Organic Agriculture and Agroecology in Africa

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Welcome to our info page, where we give a brief introduction to our current work on transdisciplinary learning formats (TDLFs).

Our study working group is identifying existing and potential transdisciplinary learning formats on organic agriculture and agroecology in Africa – please read further if you’d like to support us or take part in our survey!

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The study is implemented by a working group of 8 thematic experts, coordinated by Biovision Foundation in collaboration with GIZ/BMZ in context of the KCOA project (Knowledge Center for Organic Agriculture in Africa).

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The complex challenges we are facing in our food systems call for an integrated approach from various disciplinary perspectives. They require knowledge and collaboration throughout different levels, sectors and disciplines and participatory and empowering approaches between different kinds of knowledge. Concepts of organic agriculture and agroecology offer approaches to address such challenges from a systemic and integrative perspective.

In our understanding TDLFs can take the form of e.g. university seminaries, summer schools or intersectoral workshops, and can be a powerful tool to promote systemic understanding of agriculture and food systems among participants coming from diverse disciplinary and sectorial backgrounds.
TDLFs bring together several actors to learn around a particular issue (e.g. organic management of a farm, value addition, market access, …), whereas knowledge of different actors (e.g. farmers, researchers, practitioners, …) is shared and equally important, and with diversity of involved organisations, institutions, and people.


TDLFs enable actors with different backgrounds to exchange and collaboratively learn about challenges in the food system and how different disciplinary perspectives allow to assess possible solutions.

TDLFs invest in future decision makers and agents of change take informed systemic action at their current or future places of work or education.


Starting from the hub regions of the KCOA project, the “Feasibility Study for Transdisciplinary Trainings in the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa (KCOA) project” will identify existing transdisciplinary learning formats on organic agriculture and agroecology, opportunities to strengthen or scale them and explore potentials to newly establish such formats.

The findings and recommendations will inform the decision whether transdisciplinary learning formats can be supported within the KCOA framework or through other support mechanisms.

Since February 2022: After finalisation of a preparatory phase, the study working group is currently identifying existing experiences for transdisciplinary learning formats and interested stakeholders, at the five hubs of the KCOA project and beyond. If your are interested in this step, please get in contact with us!

Throughout the process of the study we aim to produce a set of show cases to improve the understanding of the diversity of transdisciplinary learning formats. They will be published on this website. The working group’s understanding of Transdisciplinary Learning Formats initiates from the International Training Course on Organic Agriculture (link to detailed description).

A team of eight experts is currently assessing existing and potential Transdisciplinary Learning Formats in African countries, starting from the five hubs of the KCOA project:

(in alphabetical order)

Chibarabada, Tendai – Southern Africa
Kohler, Fabian – coordination of the working group,
Mabhaudi, Tafadzwa – Southern Africa
Mayanja, Sarah – East Africa
Mokrani, Khaoula – North Africa
Pouokam, Guy – Central Africa
Ba, Alpha – West Africa
Probst, Lorenz – scientific consultant
Templer, Noel – scientific consultant

for questions and further information please contact

Map of identified transdisciplinary learning formats (version 0, April 2022)

A database of identified learning formats will be provided and updated regularly here.

The study is implemented by a group of 8 thematic experts, coordinated by Biovision Foundation in collaboration with GIZ/BMZ in context of the KCOA project (Knowledge Center for Organic Agriculture in Africa).