How to identify an agroecological enterprise? Use our Agroecology Check and find out!

The Agroecology Check for Enterprises (ACE) enables users to conduct a preliminary assessment of an enterprise’s alignment with the principles of agroecology. It is for investors, financiers, entrepreneurs seeking to identify agroecological enterprises. Enterprises with passing grades can go through the more extensive B-ACT assessment.

The assessment should therefore be understood as an initial screening before an in-depth analysis with the more substantial B-ACT.

Who is the ACE for?

The tool is intended to:

  • allow interested donors and investors to rapidly screen enterprises for their agroecological potential
  • inform entrepreneurs' understanding of how agroecology is put into practice in a business context
  • serve as a resource for other stakeholders in civil society and policy makers interested in agroecology and business models that contribute to food systems transformation.
  • Why should you use the ACE?

    The ACE determines through a series of questions if a given enterprise meets the criteria in 5 focus areas:

  • Regenerative
  • Diversified
  • Healthy
  • Fair and connected
  • Overarching

    For each focus area, the assessment will return a grade – “pass”, “partial pass”, or “no pass”. Based focus area grades, the assessment will also return an overall assessment. The ACE is as a great starting point for identifying enterprises that are aligned with agroecological principles and identifying areas with potential for improvement.

    The assessment furthermore identifies any activities which are immediately in conflict with the principles of agroecology. .

  • How to use the ACE

    1) Click on the link below to download the ACE in an Excel sheet
    2) Read the instructions page carefully before you start using the tool
    3) Fill in all answer fields and if needed have a look at the examples tab to enhance your understanding of each question
    4) Check out the results of your assessment for each question: pass (green), partial pass (yellow), no pass (red)

    Any questions or feedback?

    We have recently launched the Enterprise Quick Assessment and are always curious to hear your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or feedback.