COP25 Event on Agroecology for Climate Resilient Food Systems:

Discussing the potential of Agroecology as a Nature Based Solution to respond to the call for action by the IPCC Special Report on Land

The IPCC Special Report on Land made it very clear: Food systems play a key role in our efforts to hedge against climate change. Various studies by HLPE, ICRAF and FAO have echoed this message and conclude that the significant up-scaling of sustainable farming methods is a vital option to respond to current urge.

No matter whether you are skeptical about this or championing Agroecology in your country, this event will allow you to participate in advanced discussions about the potential and limitations of Agroecology to hedge against climate change. We will also discuss what role the Koronivia process plays in this context and whether it makes a difference if revised NDC’s will consider Agroecology.

The goal of this event, is to inform and provide space for interested stakeholders engaged in the Koronivia process to learn and discuss how the call for action by the IPCC, CFS and HLPF under the Agenda 2030 could be answered by putting agroecology principles in practice across food systems globally and what guidance the Koronivia discussions and NDCs could provide.


Contributions by:

FAO/Biovision: Research Update on Agroecology and Climate Change

Bhutan: National Organic Flagship Program

Senegal: The climate potential of Agroecology in Senegal

WWF: Agroecology approaches in practice in Paraguay

“If we fail to tackle our food systems swiftly, we will be too late to limit warming to 1.5 °C”

(IPCC 2019, Special Report on Land Use)

Date and time:

5th December 2019

 15:00 – 16:30

 Date and place might be subject to change, depending on further guidance provided by UNFCCC. 

If this would be the case, we will inform accordingly in due time



WWF Panda Hub Pavilion, 

COP25 Blue Zone,

IFEMA, Av. del Partenón, Nº 5

28042 Madrid, Spain



Facilitated by:

Global Alliance for the Future of Food, FAO, WWF, Biovision, Agroecology Fund 
and IPES Food


Venue map and directions

Event Venue

WWF Panda Hub Pavilion
Av. del Partenón, Nº 5
28042 Madrid



Martin Herren,
Program Manager


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