National Agroecology Strategies

There is unprecedented momentum for agroecological national action in Eastern and Southern Africa Our brief tells the story!


National strategies for an agroecological transformation or National Agroecology Strategies (NASs) are currently in development in Eastern and Southern Africa. These strategies have the potential to harness opportunities of a sustainable development of agri-food systems, by upscaling agroecological production practices, developing markets, value chains and consumer demand that can accelerate transition.

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Notably, Tanzania officially launched its National Ecological Organic Agriculture Strategy (NEOAS) in November 2023, and NASs are being developed in countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Zambia, which launched a NAS process in 2023.

NASs are comprehensive, rooted in agroecological foundations, and respond to multiple societal needs.

Concrete examples and drafts of these strategies and other agroecological policies

  • Officially launched on 8 November 2023, consult it here.
  • Advanced stage with national consultative process held in December 2023.
  • Launch planned by summer 2024.
  • Consult the 6th draft here.
  • A great example of a subnational agroecology policy framework. Consult it here.
  • Actors in Malawi conducted an analysis of a set of national environmental and agrarian policies to assess their alignment with agroecology.
  • This analysis concludes with a recommendation to develop a National Agroecology Strategy to streamline government efforts and ensure policy coherence. Read it here

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