Preview to the International Roundtable in Zurich from 22 november 2019

Where does cash for agricultural research go?

More support for research into agroecology
Biovision presents its new study into cash flows in agricultural research, and takes this opportunity to invite donors and researchers to a round table discussion. The aim is to work together and find ways for more resources to be invested in agroecological research.

There are still many major funding sources and institutions who research the agriculture of the future along purely technological lines, using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. However, the momentum now is in favour of a rapid change of course towards sustainable food systems and away from industrial forms of agriculture. Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came to the same conclusion in its report on terrestrial ecosystems, as did the EAT-Lancet Commission in its report on “Healthy Diets From Sustainable Food Systems”.

Biovision undertakes basic groundwork

In collaboration with some prestigious international partners, Biovision has carried out a study analysing around 800 agricultural research projects from all around the world, involving a total budget of over 2.5 billion CHF. This study demonstrates just how much (or how little) money flows into agroecological research. Interviews with 58 internationally-recognised experts on the subject of agricultural research and development cooperation also looked into which levers would need to be worked to make more research funds available for holistic agroecological approaches. This study was carried out by the Political Dialogue & Advocacy team (Project: “More research for agroecology”).

International Round Table Discussion in Zurich

The results of the investigation are to be presented for the first time on 22nd November. Participants in the study and other experts from all over the world will get together for a round table discussion put on by Biovision in Zurich, where they’ll discuss the results and seek specific solutions for how the recommendations of the study can be put into practice. Biovision will explore new directions at this discussion: the occasion will bring donors and researchers together so that they can jointly develop fresh and innovative approaches towards more, better research for the benefit of agroecology.

The results of the round table discussion will be presented by Biovision after the event, and published here.


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