New Food Policy Video Series Published

As part of Devex’ Future of Food Systems series, Biovision Foundation published a Food Policy Series that portray policy champions from different countries who talk about their efforts to transform food systems at various levels and scales. I a total of four videos, decision makers from Madagascar, Colombia, India and the Philippines tell us about how to strengthen farmers’ networks, connect rural food producers with urban consumers and promote organic agriculture as a means of combating food security and preserve biodiversity.

Organic produce as a means of combating food security issues in Madagasgar

Fanomezantsoa Ranarivelo, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Madagascar, talks about a new law that aims to combat the country’s food security issues and climate change while supporting smallholder farmers, and promoting trade of organic produce.

Connecting rural food producers and urban consumers in Colombia

César Augusto Carrillo Vega, from the District Department of Economic Development of the city of Bogota, explains how the “Mercados Campesinos” initiative helped overcome food security issues during the COVID-19 pandemic by connecting rural farmers to urban residents.

Making Sikkim, India, 100% organic

Dr. Anbalagan Sundaram explains how Sikkim became the world’s first fully organic state in 2016.

Strengthening farmers networks in the Philippines

Carlos Isagani Zarate, Member of the House of Representatives in the Philippines, explains the need for agrarian reform to help small-scale farmers, and how amending the law on organic farming could help farmers improve their livelihoods whilst improving the country’s food security.

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