Agroecology in the News

Read here the most recent news articles, blog posts and stories about Biovision’s work on agroecology and food system transformation.

26. May 2021

Opinion: How agroecology can help food systems be more climate-resilient

Global food security is increasingly under threat. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable our food supply chains are. In the medium...
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5. May 2021

Opinion: Governments must lead the charge in agroecology

News that hundreds of financial institutions have pledged support for sustainable development and efforts around climate change and biodiversity is very welcome....
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22. April 2021 / Food Systems Summit

Q&A: From nature-negative to nature-positive — why the Food Systems Summit is a chance for change

There are many vested interests in how current food systems work, but the 2021 Food Systems Summit is a great...
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22. April 2021 / Climate Change

Food Systems Summit: Agroecology at the centre of a fierce battle

As calls for a transformation of our food systems continue to be echoed globally, two main groups have formed: those...
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